How to become a VSSS Member

It is very easy to become a member of VSSS and support our ST fight. All you need is 1. Name 2. Mobile Number

Fill the online Member Request form here! Editors will review your request and call you in person before granting you VSSS member status. They will inform you the login details once your membership is approved.

Note: You must first select 'I'm not a robot' before pressing 'submit' button

(If you fail to submit this farm for any reason, please SMS/Whatsapp your basic details like Name, Mobile Number, Membership Category and Mail ID to 9491042052. Soon VSSS representatives will contact you and confirm your membership)
Write your fullname
Enter your 10 digit main mobile number without spaces. Please do not add a '0' before the number. NRI Vadderas who give their 10 digit mobile number of a foriegn country, will not recieve their login info through SMS. To recieve login info, NRI Vadderas must have Whatsapp on this mobile number OR give another number that has Whatsapp access
Choose State and District(If you happen to be an NRI, plase choose Worldwide as State and your Contry will be considered as District)
Selectiong 'Yes' will reveal a box to enter your mail ID
Give your working mail ID(Your Mail ID will be hidden and we don't any messages to you, without your consent)
VSSS does not offer membership to those under 18 years of age

'I'm not a robot' might ask you to identify an object in a group of pictures. Please complete the challenge before pressing submit